Covid-19 and Event Cancellations

Covid-19 and Event Cancellations

Covid-19 and Event Cancellations

Should we cancel our conference or can we run it safely?

Event Cancellations and postponements are highly talked about, even making it into the Australian Prime Ministers Speech today. With many event managers and PCO’s around Australia concerned about the effects of the Corona Virus, we take a look at the options available.

With the situation set to get worse before it gets better, we see the divide growing quickly. Is it driven by money, the economy, vital funds that are needed by charities? Or are we doomed to close down businesses and schools until it all blows over? The answer is not simple. To really get a decent answer we would love to hear from event organisers on their plans and thoughts. However until the events industry discovers the true scale of the now deemed pandemic, here are our thoughts on how we can go to work without risking the safety of our staff, guests and delegates. And at the very least not creating a PR nightmare for our clients.

At we think the answer to event cancellations, at least in part, lies in the AV technology that has always lingered on the border. It is a crucial moment in the industry in which we all learn and adapt. If not we will fall by the wayside. We have some interesting solutions available should you wish to keep your event alive and push forward without putting staff or delegates all in the same room. Nor do you need international guests or delegates looking over their shoulders at the person coughing behind them. Of course, this is very event-specific. Not all solutions to event cancellations will work in all cases. If you’re unsure whether to postpone but can’t afford to miss vital funding or a mass message to staff. Speak to one of our staff to see what your event-specific AV options are.

Not just a local problem. How Multi-Nationals are working with Covid 19.

Not only are small and local events facing these challenges. So too are large multinational touring events. Formula 1 has decided to stage their show this weekend in Melbourne, but their next race in Bahrain will go ahead without spectators at the circuit. This is possible due to remote TV audiences supporting such an event. This thinking can be applied to local events through internet webinars and streaming services. We can help you put together events that still proceed without an audience. The tricky part is keeping the show together and making this version of your event suit and achieve the targets of your event pre-Covid 19. Sometimes you have to think outside the box or in this case the big yellow hazmat suit.

Event Cancellations and postponements are something we will be taking very seriously. We only recommend continuing where all safety requirements and precautions are met. The simplest methods are general safety and health practices going forward. Small crowds, health controls like handwashing stations and portable thermometres. Minimising areas of mass congregation can also be advantageous. The biggest and best way to avoid a pandemic spread is the insistence on not soldiering on. If your speakers, staff or delegates are ill, tell them to stay home and self isolate. Provide a weblink to your content so they can log in and follow on without missing out. An alternative will prove vital in keeping that one person who doesn’t want to miss out, from creating a PR nightmare at your event.

If you want to chat through some options and see what is available to you, please feel free to contact us for more information.

At the time of publishing the recommendation from the Australian government was that events can continue with precautions. However, this should be checked with as part of your event planning and checked regularly until doors.

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  • by Morrina Posted 16/03/2020 1:56 pm

    Due to the fast moving pace of the situation with Covid 19 many items in this article have now changed. With major sporting events around the world being cancelled and events being restricted we have updated our opinions on this issue. Our recommendations remain largely the same but recommend checking with us at personally before holding an event and with the Department of Health website for up to date information.

    For more info on Covid 19 please Click Here

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