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Over the weekend the events industry has been rocked by the Covid 19 regulations implemented across the globe.

We all know people who are facing a loss of income, redundancy or worse as their livelihood has essentially been shut down for an indeterminate amount of time. It seems the uncertainty is set to continue as the fluid situation will now see tourism, airlines, hotels, retail and many casual event employees across Australia added to the casualty list. Although internationally there have been freezes to mortgage repayments and utility bills there has been no mention of this from the Australian Government at this stage.  However, they are now talking about extending the assistance packages available to small businesses and casual event employees.

From myself and the team at, we are here to support you where we can and hope we can all band together to come out on the other side better and stronger.  We know the strain will be massive on casual employees and small business owners across many industries. We encourage you to check in on friends and help where you can. Small gestures will mean a great deal. Ask them if they fancy a chat or whether there’s anything you can do to help. Each person or business will have different needs so talking casually may just be the inspiration to continue or get together with new ideas that can be rolled out when their world is switched back on in time.

If you yourself are struggling mentally or financially there are options. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Please follow the link to Beyond Blue who can help with your general concerns and well being. Also a link to the Financial Counsellors Association of WA who can help with advice on how small businesses and individuals alike can best prepare for tough times ahead. I have also included my personal mobile number on our website, if you fancy a chat or a friendly ear please give me a call. I would love for everyone affected to be able to come through this safely and financially with some Aussie spirit and mateship.

For us we have a simple request. If you can, we ask that you please come to our website and create an account. You don’t need to sign up to the newsletter or buy anything (although it would be nice). But, by simply signing up an account, it helps our business to grow online and be more visible when needed. 

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