Gender Reveals

Gender Reveals
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Gender Reveals

It’s time to have one last party before your world gets turned upside down. But in a good way.

Start the night with some music, drinks and soft washing colours along a feature wall or your back fence. Move it up into party mode and then bring on the big announcement. A full light show in your own home with a surprise at the end. What will it be?

Want to be surprised yourself? Ask your OB/GYN to send the results direct to and we will surprise you all. (Additional charges may apply for a technician to operate the reveal, we do not charge for liaising with your Doctor.)

We Use Pixel Mapping for our Lighting Gender Reveals with 4m, 6m or 8m configurations.
Configuration differ depending on the surface / area we have to light at your event.
This is an example of a 12 x 1m bars Pixel Map in an Upright Formation.